Architect and designer with a keen eye for detail and extensive experience from international projects.
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Redd Barna Benches

Munch + Satyricon

An image from the kinetic art painting installation "Third Deviation" exhibited at Kanal - Pompidou Center Brussels 2019 by Edouard Cabay and Peter Geelmuyden Magnus

Third Deviation

Exhibition Walls AHO

La Caja Normal

First Deviation

Paperclip Offices

An image from the kinetic drawing installation "Second Deviation" exhibited at Area Gallery Paris 2019 by Edouard Cabay and Peter Geelmuyden Magnus

Second Deviation

Voksne Ingen Adgang

An image from the installation "Perpetual Unknowns" exhibited at BAP Versailles 2019 by Edouard Cabay and Peter Geelmuyden Magnus

Perpetual Unknowns

Choreography of Repetitions III

Choreography of Repetitions I

Photos of 3dPA Prototypes

A Creative Weapon

Machinic Protocols

Northvolt Gigafactory

Drawing a concert

Lignes de Vie

Fondazione Agnelli