Architect and designer with a keen eye for detail and extensive experience from international projects.
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Peter Geelmuyden Magnus is an architect and multifaceted designer from Bergen, Norway. Through his firsthand knowledge of computational design and digital fabrication, Peter seeks to understand how emerging technologies impact architecture and society.


After completing undergrad studies at Politecnico di Milano and UPC, he earned his second master’s degree at IAAC Barcelona in 2016, focusing on computational design and parametric urbanism.


Peter has worked as an architect in several renowned firms, including Niels Torp architects in Oslo and architecture / innovation firm Carlo Ratti Associati in Torino, Italy where he worked on several high-profile projects such as the renovation of the Rockefeller Center’s Top of the Rock visitors center in New York and the new Northvolt factory in Sweden.


As a collaborator of the experimental architecture practice Appareil, he has designed and produced kinetic installations, while also being responsible for deploying them across important art institutions across Europe.


For several years, Peter has been a teaching assistant at IAAC, where he helps train the next generation of architects in advanced architectural logics and tools. 


In his spare time, Peter is also directing Hable, a web design/development studio that designs and develops websites and user experiences for business clients.  


Since 2021 he is founder and project manager at Kulefisk, a company that designs and produces custom furniture and interior  solutions for clients such as Munchmusset, AHO and Redd Barna.