Third Deviation
Architect and designer with a keen eye for detail and extensive experience from international projects.
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Third Deviation

1500 impacts  / 12 days / 1 painting / paint on glass / white – black – red


 THIRD DEVIATION is part of a series of experiments whose object of study covers opposing ideas of stability and instability. The series of DEVIATION introduces wisely notions of accidents, temporal operationality and random interventions in the infallible process of a technological mastery, then dragging production towards unexpected plasticities.

The work presented by the CIVA at KANAL-Centre Pompidou is a catapult (length of the lever arm: 60cm) that moves on a rail (length: 10m) parallel to the glass facade of the showroom on Place Sainctelette. The catapult is programmed to launch 2,000 paintballs at the end of the 12-day performance, gradually revealing a drawing (width: 10m / height: 2m) whose geometric rules have been previously encoded in the robotic circuits that control the mechanical arm. The drawing materializes itself directly on the glass facade, producing from then a pictorial canvas consisting of a recto and verso, where the reading of the paintings’ layers is inversely possible according to whether one is inside or outside the building.

The work brings together in its layering two public spaces that face each other: the sidewalk and the museum in the making.




Pompidou Center, Brussels


Edouard Cabay


Peter Geelmuyden Magnus

Development Team

Hamill Industries (Pablo Barquín, Francesc Soria, Joan Cañellas)